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Business and Computer Technology

Computer Courses

604    Software Applications                       Grades 9-12        1 Credit

This course will introduce students to various open source software programs as well as to improve keyboarding speed and accuracy. Students will develop skills in word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, and file management basics.

613    Computer Programming                   Grades 9-12        1 Credit

This course is designed to teach the basic concepts and methods of object-oriented programming. Students will be afforded many exciting opportunities in this course as they design numerous independent programs.

607    Graphics and Multimedia                 Grades 10-12        1 Credit

This course is designed to provide the students with graphic design and multimedia skills using the Creative Cloud as well as other graphics programs (Photoshop, Dreamweaver/Muse, Premiere/iMovie). Students will be asked to complete several long-term projects using these learned skills.

614    Yearbook                                               Grade 12            1 Credit
            *prerequisite Graphics and Multimedia

This course revolves around the production of the annual school yearbook. Students will be exposed to areas such as sales and advertising, theme development, editing and proofing, photojournalism, page design and layout. Students will also learn important skills such as collaboration, communication, and time management.

Business Courses

619    Business and Finance                                Grades 9-12        1 Credit

Students will be introduced to what a business is, how it operates, and how it is managed. Specific topics will include management, law, marketing, finance. This is a project based class with a heavy emphasis on the final business plan.

609    *Accounting                                                Grades 10-12    1 Credit       

An introduction to accounting procedures and principles covering the accounting cycle, accounting for service and merchandising businesses, special journals, control over cash, receivables, and inventories.

615    *Principles of Marketing                         Grades 10-12    1 Credit     

An introductory course presenting such topics as the seven managerial functions of marketing, problem-solving, decision-making, marketing research, ethics in marketing, new product development, price determination, marketing channels and advertising.

620    *Introduction to Sports Management    Grades 10-12    1 Credit       

This introductory course emphasizes basic management principles as they relate to the business of sports. Students are introduced to sports marketing, sports law, sports supervision, sports media, sports ethics, recreational sports management and other related areas. There is an emphasis on developing and improving communication skills. An overview is provided with regard to career opportunities in this field.

*Project Running Start (college credit available)