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Wellness: Physical and Health Education

902 Wellness

Wellness is a combination of Health and Physical Education. The health component focuses on nutrition, fitness, substance abuse, body systems, and social and emotional health. The activity component focuses on physical fitness and learning how to work out safely and effectively. Other activities will be incorporated to promote and develop teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. This class is a one semester, 1 credit course.

903 Recreational Wellness

Recreational Wellness focuses on lifetime activities such as group exercise, tennis, basketball, bocce, golf, kickball, horse shoes, etc., with an emphasis on rules, strategies and game modifications. This course is aimed at students who want a more enjoyable activity and less competition for their PE requirement. This is a 9 week, 1/2 credit course.

905 Team Sports

Team Sports concentrates on a wide variety of team sports that focuses on strategies, individual skills and team building activities. An individual’s communication, problem solving skills, and sportsmanship will also be enhanced. Some of the team sports include: soccer, basketball, handball, and ultimate frisbee. This is a 9 week, 1/2 credit course.

904 Fitness Training

Fitness Training challenges students to improve upon their current physical fitness levels. Students focus on activities that improves muscular strength and endurance, agility, coordination and their cardiovascular fitness levels. This will be achieved through work in the fitness lab and activity in the gym and outdoors. Students will be exposed to other varieties of fitness programs (yoga, P90X, etc.)  to help expand their options for lifelong fitness.  This is a 9 week, 1/2 credit course.

907 Sport Specific Skills and Training

Sport Specific Skills and Training is designed for individuals with a strong desire to move forward in the field of sport specific enhancement or general fitness. It is aimed at athletes and individuals who will work on designing their own specific program. This program should include input from current coaches, instructors, and other outside resources. This is a 9 week, 1/2 credit course.

908 Walking for Wellness

Walking for Wellness includes a walking program for cardiovascular fitness improvement. Students should expect to walk outdoors for the greatest portion of the course. Students will also implement flexibility and strength training to enhance their progress. This course will implement the use of technology by integrating Ipads and pedometers. Students will also complete a food journal and examine their daily eating habits.This is a 9 week, 1/2 credit course.