More Art Awards!!!

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Please congratulate Alani Ramas and Mary Cruz for further recognition in the 2019 Scholastic Art Awards:
Alani earned a Gold Key, "Best in Show" American Visions Nominee for her piece "Young Ostrich In Green, Outdoors In The Sun". Her piece is 1 of 5 selected from the entire show.

Mary earned a Gold Key, "Best in Show" Award for her piece "Astral Duality". Her piece is 1 of 12 selected from the entire show.

To put this into perspective, over 2,500 artworks were submitted from all over NH and only 47% of these submissions received recognition. Earning these top awards as well as any recognition in this competition is a great accomplishment for our artists. Thank you for supporting them!

For anyone interested in seeing the show, the work will be on display at the Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy. Exhibit Schedule is January 22nd through February 10th. Gallery Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, & Sunday, February 10th from 11am-3pm for the Awards Ceremony and Reception.

Scholastic Art Awards

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"Night Owl" by Mary Cruz

Please congratulate the following students for their recognition in the 2019 New Hampshire Scholastics Art Competition:
You can view their work by clicking on the link below:

2019 NH Scholastic Art Awards


Mary Cruz Drowning In Thought

Mary Cruz Astral Duality

Robert Welcome Pink Shorts


Mary Cruz A Lazy Afternoon

Mary Cruz On The Lime

Mary Cruz Star Gazer


Katherine Butt Undercurrents

Mary Cruz Night Owl

Akiro Goodwin Angel Bones

Faith Hammon Arowana in Full Colour

Faith Hammon Colour of Dance

Alani Ramas Sergeant Pepper's Empty Soul

Alani Ramas The Modern Money Changer And His Cook

Emma York Valley Proud


Mary Cruz Silver Key

Alani Ramas Silver Key

Robert Welcome Honorable Mention

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Division 2 State Cross Country Championship!

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Congrats to David Reynolds as he won the Division 2 State Cross Country Championship!

Congrats to Sophia Reynolds as she won the Division 2 State Cross Country Championship!

Cross Country Success!

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Run Run: Merrimack Vally Siblings Dominating Cross Country Scene

Bass Fishing

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Congratulations to Liam Chapman and Jacob Downs on qualifying for the State Bass Fishing Finals on Sept. 29 at Lake Sunapee.

NH Scholars

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NH Scholars trip to Fisher Cats!

National Scholastic Award Winners!

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Herman Nixon and Emily Soule both earned national recognition in the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. 
Herman earned a Silver Award for his artwork and Emily a Gold Award for her writing.
To put this into context:
  • 350,000 works of art and writing were submitted to the 2018 Scholastiuc Art & Writing Awards
  • Almost 19,600 works earned regional Gold Keys and advanced to national adjudication in NYC.
  • Of those Gold Key works, just 3, 259 received National Medals.
Thier work is one of the top 1% of art and writing submitted to the 2018 Scholastic Awards!

FBLA Success!

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MVHS FBLA attended it's second annual State Leadership Conference March 29th-March 30th at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester. Our members were extremely successful.  With just under 400 NH FBLA, every event is very competitive. 11/20 of our members placed 3rd or higher. Each of the students that place are now eligible to compete on a national level at the National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  Merrimack Valley is now a well known chapter in the eyes of NH FBLA, in only our second year.   Great Job!

Competitive Event Awards:
Accounting - Hailley Simpson - 3rd Place
Advertising - Matthew Therrien - 1st Place
Business Communications - Sophie Worster - 3rd Place
Introduction to Business Communications - Hannah Paul - 1st Place
Introduction to Business Procedures - Mackenzie Wiggin - 1st Place
Introduction to Public Speaking - Addison Hodge - 2nd Place
Introduction to Public Speaking - Deanna Bourque - 3rd Place
Organizational Leadership - Courtney Theberge - 3rd Place
Personal Finance - Jack Prewitt - 3rd Place
Sports and Entertainment Management -  Zac Laroche & Joshua Davis - 2nd Place

Individual Awards:
"Who's Who in FBLA" recognition - Hailley Simpson 

Chapter Awards:
FBLA's Most Improved Chapter 
Involvement in "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" Project - Third Place

Legislative Pages

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On February 22nd, Herman Nixon and Cameron Tillman served as Legisilstive Pages in the NH House of Representatives.

Scholastic Art Awards

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Congratulations to the Scholastic Art Award Winners

2018 Scholastic Art Awards of NH

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