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MVHS Staff Directory: 2017-2018 
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Anderson, Kristin Science Teacher K. Anderson Website 
Bailey, Ray English Teacher R. Bailey Website 
Barrett, Tammy FACT Para-Professional  
Bean, Sue FACT Para-Professional  
Beliveau, Darlene Functional Skills Para-Professional  
Bergethon, Stephen Science Teacher S. Bergethon Website 
Bode, Chris Para-Professional  
Bodell, Lisa Para- professional  
Boisvert, Joann L & A Para-Professional  
Borgeson, Emily L & A Para-Professional  
Brauch, Andrew Assistant Principal  
Carey, Jim Functional Skills Job Coach  
Carle, David Social Studies Teacher D. Carle Website 
Casavant, Janine Social Studies Teacher J. Casavant Website 
Casey, Pam Special Education Teacher P. Casey Website 
Cauley, Adrianna World Language Teacher A. Cauley Website 
Ciarametaro, Mark C-He School Counselor M. Ciarametaro Website 
Corrow, Jason Social Studies Teacher J. Corrow Website 
Cote, Monica Art Teacher M. Cote Website 
Crouse, Barbara Student Assistance Program Counselor B. Crouse Website 
Dalton, Cynthia Speech Assistant  
Davidson, Melissa Librarian Assistant  
Dawson, Courtney Administrative Assistant  
Dodge, Elaine Administrator for Special Education  
Durr, Caroline Special Education Teacher C. Durr Website 
Dutton, Jeff PLTW/Math Teacher J. Dutton Website 
Ean, Pam World Language Teacher P. Ean Website 
Ferguson, Rose English/Academy Seminar Teacher R. Ferguson Website 
Fifield, Hillary English Teacher H. Fifield Website 
Fitzgerald, Erin Art Teacher E. Fitzgerald Website 
Fridlington, Michelle Wellness Teacher M. Fridlington Website 
Gilbert, Kathy Special Education Teacher K. Gilbert Website 
Gilman, Justin  Science Teacher J. Gilman Website 
Hayes, Corey Social Studies Teacher C. Hayes Website 
Heiderman, Margaret Functional Skills Para-Professional  
Hill, Pam Teacher Mentor  
Hudson, Kim Science Teacher K. Hudson Website 
Irving, DeAna Science Teacher D. Irving Website 
Jewell, Elizabeth Employment Coordinator  
Jordan, Paula FACT Para-Professional  
Kennedy, Becky Hf-Pa School Counselor R. Kennedy Website 
Kenney, Pat Functional Skills Teacher P. Kenney Website 
Kidd, Elaine Para-Professional  
King, Amy Math Teacher A. King Website 
Kingsbury, Ashley English Teacher A. Connolly Website 
Kirschner, Fran  Functional Skills Para-Professional  
Krzynowek, Gloria World Language Teacher G. Krzynowek Website 
LaClair, Wendy  
Lawrence, Jenni Nurse  
Lescrinier, Jessica English Teacher J. Lescrinier Website 
Lewis, Karin Math Teacher K. Lewis Website 
MacGregor, Nick Wellness Teacher N. MacGregor Website 
Maziarz, Tamara FACT Teacher T. Maziarz Website 
Michael, Christopher Food Service Director  
Miller, David Principal  
Moge, Will Business Teacher W. Moge Website 
Montgomery, Robert Social Studies Teacher R. Montgomery Website 
Moore, Terri Attendance Secretary  
Mullen, Bob L & A Teacher B. Mullen Website 
Nazzaro, Jenna Para-Professional  
Neilsen, Jeff Social Studies Teacher J. Neilsen Website 
O'Brien, Edith Functional Skills Para-Professional  
O'Brien, Kevin Administrator for Athletics and Guidance  
O'Brien, Sean Wellness Teacher S. O'Brien Website 
Oswald, Maggie Music Teacher M. Oswald Website 
Paradie, Brittany Special Education Teacher B. Paradie Website 
Peick, Terri Math Teacher T. Peick Website 
Prescott, Abigail Social Studies Teacher A. Sanborn Website 
Renauld, Lisa Registrar  
Richard, Jeff L & A Counselor J. Richard Website 
Rider, Emily Pb-Z School Counselor E. Marvin Website 
Roby, Meg Library Media Specialist  
Rogers, Sara Business Teacher S. Rogers Website 
Routos, Rebekah Special Education Teacher R Routos Website 
Rowe, Brenda Para-Professional  
Sanders, Mike Math Teacher M. Sanders Website 
Schneibel, Mark School Resource Officer Concord Police Department Website 
Smith, Lenny Wellness Director L. Smith Website 
Stevens, Tracey Math Teacher T. Stevens Website 
Stokes, Samantha Office Manager  
St. Onge, Shaun Assistant Principal  
Sullivan, Brittany School Counselor  
Thomas, Lianna Math Teacher L. Thomas Website 
Thompson, Brett English Teacher B. Thompson Website 
Timmons, Jen Science Teacher J. Timmons Website 
Timmons, Matt Functional Skills Para-Professional  
Tirrell, Mandy English Teacher M. Tirrell Website 
Upham, Hannah Math Teacher H. Upham Website 
Valinski, Mike Technology Teacher M. Valinski Website 
Verrill, Gloria Math Teacher G. Verrill Website 
Welch, Sally Special Education Administrative Assistant  
White, Shannon Business Teacher S. Smith Website 
Williams, Jade FACT Para-professional  
Wood, Johnnie English Teacher J. Wood Website 
York, Sam Math Teacher S. York Website 
Showing 95 items