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Andover Lions Club Scholarships 04-19-2019 For seniors from Andover, based on financial need, extracurricular activities, recommnedations $1,000 Andover Lions Club 
Capitol Region Board of Realtors Scholarship 04-19-2019 Open to seniors in all towns served by MV, selection based on academics, service to community, extracurricular activities $1,000 Capitol Region Board of Realtors 
Cobb Hill Construction Scholarship 04-19-2019 For seniors planning to pursue civil engineering, construction, or related fields $500 Cobb Hill Construction 
Anthony W. Romano and Vernon C. Kelley Memorial Grants 04-26-2019 The Grants are available to current recipients of housing assistance from a New Hampshire housing authority. Eligible applicants include High school students seeking assistance for post-secondary education goals, non-traditional students (adults) returning to school and one-year renewals for current scholarship recipients. Varies NH Housing Scholarship 
Andover Service Club Scholarships 04-26-2019 For seniors from Andover, selection based on academics, leadership, character, service, goals $1,000 Andover Service Club Scholarships 
Oddfellows White Mountain Lodge 04-29-2019 Open to all seniors- selection based on essay on the meaning of Friendship, Love and Truth $1,000 No application - write an essay on the meaning of Friendship, Love and Truth. Turn in to Guidance 
Janet Lillios Memorial Award 04-30-2019 For seniors, selection based on financial need, community involvement, and academic achievement  $500-$1,000 Janet Lillios  
Concord Lions Club Scholarship 04-30-2019 Open to seniors, selection based on academic criteria, extracurricular accomplishments and financial need $1,000 Concord Lions Club 
Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship 04-30-2019 Open to seniors planning to pursue nursing or related health field Up to $3,000 Concord Hospital Trust 
Society of Women Engineers Scholarships 05-01-2019 For senior girls going into engineering or computer science Varies Society of Women Engineers 
NH Beekeepers Association Scholarships 05-01-2019 Open to seniors planning to study Biology, Agricultural Science, or any field related to beekeeping $1,000 NH Beekeepers Association 
Manning and Zimmerman Law Office Scholarship 05-01-2019 Selection based on response to essays on distracted driving and how to reduce it $1,000 Manning and Zimmerman Law Office 
Loudon Police Dare Scholarship 05-01-2019 For Seniors from Loudon who went through the DARE Program $1,000 Loudon Police Dare 
NH Teachers of Math Award 05-01-2019 For seniors planning to pursue Math Education $1,000 NH Teachers of Math Award 
David M. Kent NHTM Mathematics Education Major, Mathematics Major, and Elementary Education Scholarship 05-01-2019 NHTM Mathematics Education Major, Mathematics Major, and Elementary Education Scholarship The applicant must meet the following requirements: will graduate from a New Hampshire high school or be a New Hampshire resident, has been accepted at a fully accredited college or university, plans to enroll in the certification program for middle school or secondary mathematics education; or elementary education; or mathematics with the intent of becoming a mathematics teacher. $1,000 Math Education Major Scholarship 
American Legion Post 31 Scholarships 05-01-2019 Open to all MVHS Seniors! Selection based on academic, community involvement and financial need $1,000 - Multiple Awards American Legion Post 31 
Hope Starts Here Scholarship 05-01-2019 Open to students who have experienced homelessness Unknown Hope Starts Here 
Randy Daniels Memorial Scholarship 05-01-2019 For seniors in the Concord area, selection based on academics, extracurricular activities, and recommendations! $1,000 Randy Daniels Memorial Scholarship 
Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship 05-01-2019 Open to seniors with GPA above 3.0, financial need, and work experience Varies Stephen Phillips Memorial Application 
Charles MacGregor Scholarship 05-01-2019 For a senior boy from MVHS. Selection based on academics, extracurricular accomplishments, and financial need $1,000 Charles MacGregor Scholarship 
Dr. Robert Boucher Memorial Award 05-01-2019 For a senior with outstanding character, strong academics, and athletic and/or musical interests $1,000 Dr. Robert Boucher Memorial Award 
Tefft Foundation Awards 05-01-2019 Cash Prizes! For seniors who have achieved in Track, Jazz, or Civil Rights $1,000 Tefft Foundation 
Horace Chase Lodge Scholarship 05-01-2019 Open to senior girls from MV, selection based on academics, extracurricular accomplishments and financial need $1,000 Horace Chase Lodge 
Arthur McNeil Raymond Cummings Memorial Awards 05-02-2019 Open to seniors from Loudon selection based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, financial need, civic contributions Various Amounts, Numerous Awards Arthur McNeil Raymond Cummings Memorial Award 
Stanley Grimes Conservation Scholarship 05-03-2019 For senior planning to go into agriculture, forestry, environmental science, or related fields $1,000 Stanley Grimes Conservation 
Alec White Memorial Scholarship 05-03-2019 Open to seniors who are planning to pursue a career in mental health, substance abuse counseling, or the trades, such as construction, electrical, plumbing, and related fields. Selection based on future goals, academic achievements, and contributions to community. $1,000 Alec White Memorial Scholarship Application 
Patrice Marie Haggerty Memorial Scholarship 05-10-2019 Open to graduating seniors, selection based on academics, leadership, character $1,000 Patrice Marie Haggerty Memorial Scholarship 
Boscawen Fire Department Scholarshiop 05-10-2019 Open to seniors from Boscawen, selection based on contributions to your community, recommendations $1,000 Boscawen Fire Department 
Suncook Valley Rotary Scholarship 05-15-2019 Open to Seniors from Loudon, selection based on service to community $500 Suncook Valley 
2019 George Coleman Scholarship 05-15-2019 Each year, the New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers awards $2000 scholarships to three high school graduates who will be enrolling in a NEACRAO member institution for the fall semester of that year. Each recipient of the scholarship is selected from candidates who are recommended by New England secondary school guidance professionals.  $2,000 George Coleman Scholarship 
Elektrisola Scholarship 05-18-2019 Open to seniors from Boscawen, selection based on academic achievement, extracurricular accomplishments, financial need $3,000 Elektrisola  
Loudon Lions Club Scholarships 05-20-2019 Open to all seniors, selection based on service to community, recommendations, extracurricular achievements $1,000 Loudon Lions Club 
Boscawen Elementary School PTO Award 05-25-2019 For seniors from Boscawen $500 Boscawen Elementary School PTO 
Merrimack Valley Educator's Association Scholarship 05-26-2019 Open to seniors planning to pursue a career in education/teaching $500 MV Educator's Association 
Mesothelioma Scholarship 07-20-2019 For students impacted by mesothelioma or other types of cancer $2,500 Mesothelioma Scholarships 
Varsity Tutors Scholarship Monthly Open to students 16 and over, based on essay contest $1,000 Varsity Tutors Scholarship 
School Tutoring Academy Monthly Open to students age 16-22, selection for awards based on essay contest with monthly themes $500 School Tutoring Academy 
Francis Wayland Parker Scholar Award Monthly Selection based on essay on Parker and his views of education. Must be nominated by school! $2,000 Francis Wayland Parker Scholar Award 
CCSNH Scholarships  Varies Numerous Scholarships for students planning to attend one of NH's Community Colleges Varies CCSNH Scholarships 
Club Z Tutoring Achievement Award Varies Applicant must be nominated by a teacher. For students in all grades for recognition of leadership, improvement, a positive attitude, or overcome obstacles $100-$1,000 Club Z Tutoring Achievement Award 
Common Knowledge Scholarships Varies Open to all students, awards based on knowledge in various subjects $250 - $3,000 Common Knowledge Scholarships 
WACE Co-op Scholarships Varies For students applying to Clarkson, Drexel, Johnson Wales, Merrimack College, RIT, Wentworth, University of Toledo, and State University of NY, Oswego Varies WACE Co-Op Scholarships 
Nursing Scholarship Resource Varies Open to students going into Nursing, multiple different scholarships Varies Nursing Scholarship Resource 
StudentScholarships.org Varies Large database of many different scholarships Varies Student Scholarship Application 
League of NH Craftsmen Scholarships Varies by Month For students engaged in learning a craft, can be for college or workshops Varies League of NH Craftsmen 
Showing 45 items