MVHS takes great pride in offering a rigorous curriculum that challenges its students to undertake a variety of academic opportunities.

Advanced Placement: Merrimack Valley High School offers Advanced Placement courses in the following subjects: Art, Calculus AB, English Literature & Composition, English Language & Composition, French, Physics, Psychology, US History, and Computer Science Principles. It may be possible for students to earn college credit upon attaining high scores on Advanced Placement exams. Students who elect to take Advanced Placement courses should be aware that the classes have a nationally standardized curriculum, the content of which cannot be altered or modified. Every student who takes an Advanced Placement class is strongly encouraged to complete the exam in May. The school may provide financial assistance to those students who cannot pay the exam fee. 

The Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS): By taking online courses that are not offered at Merrimack Valley High School, students are provided a means by which to expand their academic growth outside of the traditional school setting. There are a variety of online programs available to our student body. The Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS) is a recognized public institution in the state of New Hampshire that provides free online courses to any NH resident. In addition, students may access a variety of online courses through a partnership that has been established between MVHS and Edgenuity, an online platform. 

Project Running Start: The New Hampshire Project Running Start is an educational initiative for high school students in collaboration with the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH). This program provides students with an opportunity to enroll in specific college courses offered at MVHS during the regular school day. Students who choose to enroll in the college course earn high school credit as well as college credit. College credit can be used at any of the community colleges in New Hampshire or sent to other colleges and universities for consideration of transfer. Students must pay a $150 fee to NHTI per course to enroll in the program. Running Start courses offered at MVHS include: Accounting, Advanced Biology, Introduction to Sports Management, Principles of Marketing, TAC Math, Principles of Engineering, Introduction to Engineering and Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Concord Regional Technical Center (CRTC) course offerings.

Project Lead the Way: Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is the nation’s leading provider of K-12 STEM programs. The project-based aspects of the Project Lead the Way curriculum give students a chance to apply what they know, identify a problem, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning, rather than be passive recipients of information in a question-and-answer, right-or-wrong learning environment. PLTW courses are aligned with Common Core State Standards in math and English Language Arts, Next Generation Science Standards, and other national and state standards; yet the programs are flexible and customizable so that schools can meet their local curricular and community needs. The courses are designed to complement math and science courses offered by a school and in some instances, are used as the core curriculum. College credit may be available for Project Lead the Way courses. 

NHTI Early College Program: Eligible students at MVHS may enroll in courses at New Hampshire Technical Institute. NHTI has established an Early College Program that specifically allows eligible MVHS students to enroll in NHTI credit-bearing courses on the NHTI campus at a significantly discounted tuition rate. These credits may be applied toward a degree at NHTI or possibly transferred to another college or university. The students would earn both high school and college credit for these courses.

New Hampshire Scholars Program: New Hampshire Scholars is a community-based program that encourages students to take a more rigorous core course of study in high school. It is based on a partnership between a community's local business leaders and its school district. The program encourages students to select a curriculum that will adequately prepare them for the challenges they will face in postsecondary pursuits, whether attending a 2 or 4-year college, certificate program, the military, or the workplace. There are often scholarships and fee waivers as well as a luncheon at the State House in the spring of one’s senior year.

Honors Designation: An Honors Designation option is offered to all students who wish to pursue advanced academic studies in English 9, English 10, and World History. The student who chooses the honors option in grade 9 and grade 10 is willing to engage in challenging educational experiences by going beyond the common core standards in the areas of critical thinking, analysis, and application of content concepts. Further, their willingness to learn is manifested in a positive attitude and exemplary work habits. These students will be assigned more rigorous summative assessments, more ambitious projects and assignments, and they will have to perform at a higher level of mastery of competencies. Honors Designation will be recorded on the student’s high school transcript.

Diploma Pathways: In an effort to help students identify an area of interest (or expand upon an area of interest) prior to entering college or a career, during the 2019-2020 school year, the Class of 2022 will identify a diploma pathway that will guide their course of study throughout the remainder of their time at MVHS. In the years that follow, sophomores will annually identify a diploma pathway. Students may elect a specific pathway from the following options: Arts, Career-ready, General Studies, Humanities, STEM, or the State Standard 20-credit diploma pathway. Each diploma pathway will meet the New Hampshire minimum requirements for graduation.